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Mr. James Lin - Managing Director 
Mr. Lin has been in the shipping business since 1959. He has experience in handling of liner carriers for Zim Line, Gold Star Line, Fedsea/Fednav Lines, Retla Steamship, Seaway Express Line, Africa Nippon Lines, Afro Eurasia Line etc., as well as for tramp vessels' operations in Taiwanese ports.
Mr. Alan Wang - General Manager

Mr. Wang has been involved in the shipping business since 1972 with 1-year experience in trucking/container terminal of Pacific Container Terminal Corporation. And 15 years of sales/marketing experience for Suma Line, Seatrain Pacific Line, Ceylon Shipping Lines, Retla Steamship, G.B.N., Afro Eurasia Line, etc. Thereafter he became our marketing manager for us in 1982. We rely on him heavily when it comes to our East/South Africa services, where it is one of our most concentrated areas.

Mr. Davis Louth - Operation Manager
Mr. Louth has been in the shipping business since 1974, 12 years as deck officer on various carriers and three years of experience in container terminal Keelung. He joined our company in 1986 and currently is in charge of all operation-related matters.
Ms. Judith Liu - Documentation Manager
Ms. Liu has been in the shipping business since 1975 with 5 years of shipping experience at Keelung. Since 1979, she has been with us as our documentation chief in charge of our documentation department.
Ms. Meilin Chiu- Chief Accountant
Ms. Chiu worked for an accounting firm 2 years before joining us, brings her supreme knowledge in accounting since 1988 as our chief accountant.